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Log in Sign Up. Explore New Story. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal giant. Active tags. Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time 30 Days All Time. A Paladin's Journey Ch. Saving Hibreon Ch. Servicing the Giant Pt. The Crimson Milk Ch. Rampage A macro wolf rampages, destroying an airport Arin's Birthday Party Pt. God of Whores Ch. Skar and I Ch. Monster Girl World Ch.

Arcanum - Of Steamwork and Magic Ch. The Hung Games Pt. The Sunblade Chronicles Ch. Another Country Pt.I dated a dude who was packing a footlong.

hot guy giant stories

T he sex was uncomfortable, at best, and he refused to go down on me. I dumped him after a year of making up excuses to not have sex. The crazy part was that he had no clue that he was big — every time we talked about his size, he couldn't believe he was anything more than average. But my first experience with someone of the opposite sex was with a guy who, to date, has the biggest penis I have ever seen. We were camping with a large group, tents and horses, down by the Suwannee River in Florida.

My high school boyfriend and I retired early to my tent where we commenced a hot and heavy petting session. After attaining my permission, he whipped out a very long, rock-solid, and extremely girthy penis. We spent the next 10 minutes simply working on getting the tip in. But sometimes when I dredge up this memory I can still feel the force of that massive appendage pressing its way into tender flesh. I was a fan and would watch his Instagram live every chance I got.

The Gentle Giant

One day he noticed me from a comment I made and sent me a DM. We exchanged numbers and ended up developing a long-distance relationship, and he sent me a dick pic that pretty much made me choke on my coffee. I was sure he'd break me in half. Unfortunately we broke things off before I was set to fly to see him for a weekend. That was the dick that got away.

I was grabbing drinks with my best mate and he brought along a buddy. We had to use the restroom around the same time, and long story short it was big enough that he had to use two hands to pee.

I wasn't even jealous at that point, just afraid. I met a guy on Tinder, and after one of our dates we ended up back at his place. My go-to move is to hang my head off the edge of the bed and undo their pants while they stand over me before I give them head. When I pulled his boxers down his dick hit my forehead and I fucking almost choked on the thought of that thing in my throat.

When I was in school there was this guy that tried to get with me for months. He kept telling me "my dick is the size of a keyboard" and I continuously ignored him. Eventually I changed my mind I guess and I was in his bedroom and when he pulled it out, my first thought was "Oh my god, it really is the size of a child's toy keyboard. He could barely get the tip in without me whining about it hurting and it basically slipping out. One time it slipped out and in between my thighs, I just squeezed my thighs super, super tight and let him fuck that thinking that was my vagina 'cause there was no way his dick was fitting in me.

Ex-boyfriend was around 11 inches. He was a giant penis, so I guess it stood to reason he had one too. It was my sophomore year of college and I was a virgin. This guy in one of my classes and I had been flirting and one night he invited me over. When he tried to put it in only the tip fit. I was so embarrassed because I thought it was my fault.

He was a good sport about it, though. I found out later that he had been doing adult movies on the side to make some extra cash.

‘hot guy’ stories

I met a dude while I was working at a shoe store. Fast forward. We start dating, and, man, did I find out how appropriate that joke was. Dude was HUGE! It was at least 11 inches.Summary: Seeing colleague's big dick in hotel room makes him curious.

hot guy giant stories

Note 1: This is a Nude Day contest story. Note 2: Thanks to goamz86, Robert, and Wayne for editing. And even if you think you know yourself, situations will test that knowledge and even redefine who you are. To explain what I mean I'll tell you my story of a few days in Seattle that changed everything. Tyler was married, with a couple of kids, like me, although his were younger.

Well, truth be told, he was ten years younger than me, and had a ridiculously hot blonde wife He was a very good looking guy and got hit on regularly by nurses, patients', and patient's friends and family. I, on the other hand, am the epitome of average. Ten pounds overweight, boring brown eyes, black hair with too much grey coming in and glasses. My wife also never lost her baby weight, although she often starts new diet routines and buys work out equipment that collects more dust than anywhere else in the house.

I love my wife, but sex is bi-monthly, oral sex bi-yearly and anything kinky a faded memory of pre-child life.

Which brings me to the incredible strange few days that changed my life. The flight was delayed, the ride was full of turbulence and the food was shitty. Thankfully, the booze went down smoothly and both of us were a little drunk by the time the cab got us to our hotel. Checking in was another nightmare as they screwed up our room and we ended up in a room with one king sized bed, but we thought it was hilarious as we were still kind of drunk.

Once in our room, after the long day, we unpacked and went to the bar for a couple of drinks and then back up to the room. In the elevator, Tyler warned me, "Dude, I know we are sharing a bed, but I sleep in the buff. In the hotel room, I went and took a piss and brushed my teeth feeling utterly exhausted.

When I returned to the room, I was surprised to see he was standing in front of the television completely butt naked, typing on his phone. I realized then two things: 1. He obviously wasn't kidding about sleeping naked. His dick was huge. Now I have since read many first time gay stories where the guy sees a big cock and instantly a need to suck cock occurs.

That is not what happened to me. No, I made a joke about it. I quipped, his cock way bigger than mine, "Holy shit, no wonder you got a hottie like Sarah.Dear Readers, I love living vicariously through my characters and Brad is one who has significant resonance with me.

I hope you all enjoy reading this. Feedback is always appreciated! I'm talking 6'4 and lbs of muscle. To top it off, I'm a bear and I'm only Imagine a bull in the china shop, that's me. I fucking hate it. I've always heard that we want what we can't have. That is so true. I wish that I was small and delicate but I'm not. I'm a big hairy oaf.

To top it off, I tend to scare some people because of how I look. I can be walking down the street and if I accidentally bump into someone, before I can apologize, they're scurrying away. No one would believe that I'm shy or that I've never played football or even that I'm gay. People judge me based on how I look and think that I'm untouchable.

Unfortunately, because of it I don't have many real conversations with people. It doesn't help that I'm always attempting to fade into the background. It's like hiding an elephant behind a curtain. I began attending a four-year college after getting my associates degree in junior college.

I know it's ass-backwards but I hadn't really planned to go at all. I later figured that maybe I could break out of my shell if I went away to a bigger school. I ended up still being a freshman because almost none of my courses transferred over. I didn't really care though. I decided to move into the dorms, it was easier than trying to find an apartment and commuting. I was nervous about what type of roommate I was going to get. I hoped that there wouldn't be any trouble about me being gay, and I'd never used my size as a way of intimidation before.

No one knew that I was gay, but I wasn't planning on hiding. I was tired of being the shy and quiet guy who no one understood. David I'd just gotten to my new dormitory and I was buzzing I was so excited. New people and new experiences were always something that excited me. The first thing I did before unpacking my things was plug in my stereo.

hot guy giant stories

I was dancing and playing an air guitar when the door opened. I whipped around so fast that I fell on my ass. I was laughing my head off and then I realized that I still didn't know who this person was still standing at the door. He had to be my new roommate because he had a key. My God, he was huge. He looked like a linebacker and he was extremely hairy.Log in Sign Up.

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Explore New Story. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal hot guy.

hot guy giant stories

Active tags. Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time All Time. Jumbo Big beautiful girl gives HS hot guy her ass.

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